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(Relatively) Small is Beautiful

Rockefeller Malibu1 green
Here’s a 30 X 60 foot house from Rockefeller Partners that makes good use of California’s gorgeous sea views and even manages to squeeze a garden into a typical tight lot size. Small houses are more sustainable, as they typically take less energy to heat and cool.

Rockefeller Malibu2 green

The entire front is open to the sea. Sea breezes forming cross breezes throughout the design mean the need for air conditioning is reduced. The use of wood throughout is more sustainable than carpet.

Rockefeller Malibu3 green

There is a tiny central Zen garden featuring grasses that soften the harsh lines of the courtyard, elegantly, with understated simplicity.

Rockefeller Malibu6 green

Huge timbers form stair treads inside. Generous chunks of natural materials give a sense of lavishness, which ensures that the tiny footprint doesn’t feel cramped.

Rockefeller Malibu5 green

The small deck is designed to maximize the sea breezes.

Rockefeller Malibu4 green

A very unique “stone” floor reminds us that stone is – just that: stones. Chopped-up rocks. More energy efficient than chopping up rocks to make a stone floor, so why not just use stones? It must feel good to walk on these gently rounded stones in bare feet, making that connection to the beach outside.

Rockefeller Malibu7 green

Only a small, simple house is needed to indulge in the simple pleasure of the huge and infinite-seeming sea.

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4 Comments so far to “(Relatively) Small is Beautiful”
  1. Jason Kreger Says:

    Ok, call me crazy, but is "small" really the best way to describe this house? From the first picture, this home clearly has three levels. With a 1800 sq/ft foot print, that makes for a 5400 sq/ft home. This might be small for a California coastline home but this is by no means a small home. Beautiful, yes. Small, no.

  2. freshalex Says:

    This is my dream home! I love it

  3. yetu Says:

    finally i found my dream home! but i agree this is not a small house…..God i'm in love

  4. gulbeer Says:

    how can i get the mape of this small heaven

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