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The Last Resort is a Winner

LastResort1 green
Here’s a dream home. “The Last Resort” from RAFAA Architecture & Design is a solar powered home you can take with you for great lakeside views – even if you don’t have room at water’s edge.

LastResort2 green

As the winner of Germany’s Internationale Bauausstellung design competition, the prototype of this futuristic floating home will now be funded to make a dream inot reality by the end of this year.

Powered by solar panels that are integrated into the curved roof-cum-diving deck, this compact lake floating home will actually be a little more spacious than the drawing suggests: 15 feet wide and 49 feet long.

LastResort3 green

The upper level will house living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The below-deck level houses the mechanical systems and extra bedrooms.

LastResort4 green

The formal attire of this inhabitant is in stark contrast to that of the kid diving joyously off the roof. He suggests that the dinner party crowd is going to be just as much at home here on this watery home.

Source: Inhabitat

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