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Tiny Frugal Home is Designed to be Delightful

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The L41 home is an ultra-compact 220 square foot, sustainable, high-design, high quality, energy-efficient house designed for a new greener generation of the newly frugal, epitomized by the author of the Tiny Life Blog who found it.

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Having seen their parents become “upside-down” in their mortgages, some young people are looking at a way to own a home without going into debt for thirty years.

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At just $50,000 this tiny home makes it possible for those who decide to own a home to live within their means.

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The designers of the L41; Architect Michael Katz and  Artist Janet Corne were determined not to add to the carbon emissions of concrete construction, so the house is all wood; but a special kind – beetle-killed Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels.

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CLT panels (made of planks laminated in layers at right angles to each other and glued together under great pressure) can be as large as 18’ by 60’ and 2” – 24” thick.

Katz and Corne envision a CLT tiny home adapted into modular apartment housing. CLT panels are so strong, earthquake and fire-proof that CLT can be used as a substitute for concrete in medium-rise buildings. Already a 9  story building has been built in London using CLT panels, 15 stories is being planned in Milan and the Norwegians are designing 17 stories.

Source: The Tiny Life Blog

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  1. Ron Brenner Says:

    This is one of the nicest tiny homes I have seen. I would love to see the floor plan, but gathering from the pictures it appears to be a functional design.

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