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Concrete Box Squeezes Light Down in Between Walls

Flavio Castro1 architecture
A new condominium house in Brazil, Mirante do Horto House by Architect Flavio Castro accomplishes the impossible. It makes a house that is largely lit from a skylight on the roof not seem claustrophobic.

Flavio Castro2 architecture
Even odder, the front of the house, where you drive down underneath to park, and with the bedroom upstairs, seems more like the back.

Flavio Castro3 architecture
The actual back opens up to a courtyard. The detailing is industrial; uncompromising, as in these steps.

Flavio Castro4 architecture
Most of the light is brought down from a skylight in the center of the house. The bedroom is above the sofa side, it also drinks light from the same skylit source, as does the bathroom, above the kitchen on the right. The giant aquarium brings down light from above too.

Flavio Castro5 architecture
Out in the back of the house, outside the kitchen door, a barbecue crouches under the neighbors wall.

Flavio Castro6 architecture
The sky lighting supplies the bathroom upstairs.

Flavio Castro8 architecture
A little light comes from the back, into the kitchen.

Flavio Castro7 architecture
Astonishingly, this small skylight is all that is supplying most of the interior light. From inside, the skylight seems like a large, powerful light source.

Images:Nelson Kon
Source: Arch Daily

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  1. Christa Pirl Says:

    This is such an interesting project, thanks for sharing. I love innovative space planning and this certainly makes a visual impact while adressing the problems of the site.

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