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Vacation on a 100% Solar Floating Houseboat

SolarHome Kingsley Architecture 1 green

From Kingsley Architects comes yet another unique floating vacation home concept, designed for use in the Lusatian Lakelands region of Northern Germany.

This self-powered floating eco houseboat comes with a solar roof capable of supplying 100% of its energy use.

SolarHome Kingsley Architecture 3 green

The center of the roof top is a green roof, designed to catch and filter rainwater for use by the boat’s inhabitants. Skylights set in the green roof bring daylight into the rooms inside the houseboat.

Down the side of the roof, a generous strip of solar panels curve down over to the edge of the float on each side. At this size, this much solar would be more than ample for the boat’s needs.
SolarHome Kingsley Architecture 2 green

The living and eating area is the most open to the breezes at the front of the eco houseboat, while the bedrooms are in a more sheltered position deep in the heart of the vessel.

SolarHome Kingsley Architecture 4 green

This rather grim looking vacation spot (really: who holidays next to a rock face?) notwithstanding, this is a practical and livable houseboat design.

The float can be parked in whatever direction is best for soaking up the maximum power from sunshine, facing East during the morning, and turning the float around and facing it West to catch the rays of the setting sun all afternoon.

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