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Design Dilemma: Paint Your Front Door for a Quick Style Change

Ever feel like you need a change?  Maybe you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t have a lot of time but your home is beginning to feel … well, a bit stale. We know the feeling. So when that moment comes and you need a quick-fix design change, we’d like to suggest one easy change that will really switch things up: Paint your front door.

Yes, we know, sounds too simple. And yet that one little shot of color as the first thing you see can totally change the mood of any home. Oddly enough, a lot of people overlook the visual opportunities presented here. But a punchy, fun, unexpected color on a front door provides immediate pizzazz for both you and your guests.

yellow front door how to tips advice
Above, a bright yellow door offset by red geraniums are the only style statement this traditional home need make. Below, a muted green provides a polished sense of style to a cottage.

Cottage and Vine eclectic exterior

And just in case you thought this worked only with stately colonials, cozy bungalows or rambling Victorians, here is a punchy color on a modern home:

frontdoor 3 how to tips advice

And another for good measure:

frontdoor2 how to tips advice

And finally here:

Magnolia Residence - Seattle, WA « DAVID VANDERVORT ARCHITECTS modern entry

The impact of a snazzy front door doesn’t end when you’ve entered the house. A beautiful color on a front door also provides lots of snap, crackle and pop from the inside. Take a look:

Feldman Architecture modern entry

So what’s the secret to choosing the perfect front door color?

Think of your door color as a piece of jewelry for your home. It’s a focal point and the color will instantly communicate a certain mood. Vibrant yellow comes off as cheerful and funky. A lime can feel sophisticated and chic. Pumpkin orange can feel very daring, while cinnabar red can feel both modern and classic.

  • Pick a contrasting color. If your house is white, you might go dark. If your house is dark, you might pick a strong pop of color to make the door really stand out.
  • Check out the neighbors for inspiration. If everyone’s chosen bright island colors for their front doors, it might be fun to keep the magic going by picking another bright shade.
  • Don’t feel that the color has to match the trim around windows. Sometimes, the most dramatic effect is achieved by choosing a complimentary color across the color wheel.
  • Test out your color choice with photos. Take a photo of your home and test out a variety of colors by using photoshop on the computer or printing out a photo, cutting out the front door with an exacto knife and laying paint chips from your local hardware store underneath.
  • Consider carrying the color through to the inside. In the last photo above, the color of the green door might serve as inspiration for other accents around the home, including art, textiles and furnishings.


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    You know, we have a saying here that indicates you can deduce the personality of a home's inhabitants by its exterior, and I think that fits wonderfully with your blog post. The entrance design of any home is vital.

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