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Would a Ghastly Drought Reminder in the Bathroom Stop You Wasting Water?

drought wallpaper green
Here’s the perfect eco-conscious bathroom wallpaper design for the water-waster in your family.

If this doesn’t encourage you to be super careful not to waste water in long long showers, in drought-threatened regions, I don’t know what will! It certainly would make me think twice, here in California.

It is eligible for LEED credits – but that’s not for this psychological effect of  encouraging frugal water use.

Made by design firm RINEKWALL – this wallpaper, like all of its offerings – is available in the company’s green material innovation.  The company’s proprietary Durapreneâ„¢ is an environmentally-responsible wall-covering which contains 6% post-consumer recycled wood pulp, 24% post-industrial recycled wood pulp, and 30% FSC certified wood pulp from sustainable forests.

The finished product is actually more like a vinyl, than a paper, so  its not so crazy wallpapering a bathroom. Duraprene fibers interlock during a high pressurization process, making the product tear-resistant and suitable for stringent cleaning, like a vinyl wall covering.

And if you’d like to personalize this – perhaps with an image of the water-waster in your family’s old worn-out sneakers laying on the dried-up river bed – say, you can do that. The company will custom design to your taste. Whatever you think of.


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