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3 Things Essential To Your Home Security System

We’re living in the future. Virtual reality is used for mental health treatment, augmented reality lets us bring what’s on our phones into real life, and we’re trading in virtual currency.

However, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t changed is home invasions. Break-ins occur every day, and we’re all vulnerable to it. Even with insurance, a home invasion can leave us feeling violated and unsafe in our own homes.

Home security systems are as important as ever, but they’ve evolved quite a bit over the years. They’re no longer just sensors that set off alarms when a burglar (or pet) crosses their paths. There are now some essential features all the best home security systems share.

Make sure that your home security system has the following 3 features.

Mobile access to surveillance footage

  1. Mobile access to surveillance footage

These days, surveillance cameras should not be a luxury. They’re relatively cheap and easy to install. Every home security system should include CCTV cameras.

But there is one feature they should have beyond simply recording footage. You should be able to access the footage from wherever you are. The best home security systems allow you to stream the CCTV footage from your phone. This way, if the alarm goes off when you’re not home, you can easily check whether your home is actually in danger.

Also, if you’re worried about an elderly parent, you can make sure that they’re alright by viewing the surveillance footage when you cannot get hold of them.

Remote control

  1. Remote control

Not only should you be able to access the surveillance footage from afar, but you should also be able to control the system wherever you are. By being able to control the lights, you can make it seem like someone is home. With the ability to control the alarm, you can stop it and reset it in the case of a false alarm.

Furthermore, most burglars ring the doorbell before trying to enter. This is an easy way for them to check that nobody’s home. Your security system can have your intercom go to your phone, so that even when you’re not home, you can answer the doorbell.

Keep it wireless

  1. Keep it wireless

In the past, one of the easiest ways for burglars to bypass your security has been to simply snip the wires. Wires can even betray where cameras are hidden. In a world in which wireless is the norm, this should no longer be the case.

Make sure that your system can work wirelessly. It does not need to be completely wireless – but it should still work for a time if the wires are cut.

Home security systems have evolved a lot since their early days. Remote activation, camera surveillance, and wireless capabilities should no longer be luxuries. When choosing the best home security system, you should find an option that includes all of these features.

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