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Swimex Luxury Swim Spa Pool

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When you are a kid you want nothing more than to have your very own pool to swim in every warm summer morning. As you start getting older, you may want or need something with a little more elegance, sophistication and purpose. Swimex’s Luxury Swim Spa Pool, or lap pool, offers you all of this. It’s like a pool for grown-ups Winking.

The Swimex Luxury Spa pool can be placed anywhere you decide, even above ground. It gives a complete isokinetic workout, making this perfect for those needing physical therapy and swimmers. Reaching speeds of up to 6.5 mph makes this one impressive pool! The Swim Spa’s colors, tile, railings, and lighting packages can all be personally customized and it’s heated, now that’s what we call luxury. Swimex’s Spa Pools are over-all larger, offer more versatility, have better options/accessories, and cost about $275 lower than a regular lap pool. The Swimex Luxury Swim Spa Pool is great to have if you need it and even better if you don’t.

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2 Comments so far to “Swimex Luxury Swim Spa Pool”
  1. stef Says:

    Looks small. How many people could it fit? Are there any bigger ones? How long is it? :) I want that in my house ;)!

  2. ג'קוזי Says:

    That is the most luxurious. If anyone wants to enjoy the luxurious life so it is the first phase…

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