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Curvtec Modular Ceiling System

curvtec modular ceiling home improvement

This ultra modern ceiling system is a new feature you can add to your existing ceiling. Coming in 3 different module sizes of 12’x10′, 12’x12′, and 12’x14′, this product would look amazing in a large dining or living room. The modules can be used alone or along with 2 or three more for a more dramatic effect. How impressive would it be to have this be in a room when someone walked in? Quite impressive, if you ask us.

It comes in 5 different types of wood including maple, apple, cherry, black and pewter. The 6 low voltage halogen lights are also customizable coming in either brushed nickel or black. Once you have it installed, the modular system will become part of the room. This elegant ceiling can be installed and ready for envy in about 7 hours (less if you only have 1 or 2 modules), not bad for such a beautiful system. Pricing starts at $1760. This truly is a ceiling enhancement worth looking into. Customize yours at Curvtec.

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