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17 Clever Tips for Around the House

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We all have heard some clever tips on various household issues. Here are some more to enrich your household knowledge and help you deal with daily problems:

1) To repel moths and refresh your closet hang an old nylon stocking, filled with cedar chips.

2) Want your bathroom to smell good? Try spraying some perfume on the light bulb, when it’s off. When you switch it on, the heat that the bulb produces will evaporate the fragrance.

3) If your refrigerator is dirty ans smells bad, you can clean it with a mixture of three tablespoons baking soda dissolved in 250ml warm water.

4) Don’t let your light bulbs get dusty – it can vastly decreases light intensity. Clean them with slightly damp cloth or sponge when turned off.

5) White toothpaste not only cleans teeth, it’s all-around cleaning preparation. It can successfully remove stains on wooden furniture, painted walls, and clean your silver jewelry too!

6) Vegetable oil is very useful in cleaning glue, removing stickers and decals. Apply some oil, and when it’s saturated rub them off.

7) Choose LEDs accent lighting – they don’t produce heat like conventional bulbs, thus they don’t waste energy.

8 ) If you think your weather stripping needs an update, you can check it very easy – close a paper bill in the door. If it comes out easily, you should take action.

9)To prevent soot from coming out of the fireplace – dust the logs with salt before firing. Salted like this, the fireplace will also burn longer.

10) Candleholders are easily cleaned from wax when you put them in the microwave oven on low power. After a minute or two the wax will melt off. If the candleholder is made by metal and you can’t put it in the microwave, you can use the opposite method – freeze the candleholder in the fridge for an hour, the wax detaches very easily.

11) When a light bulb is broken you can easily remove it with a potato. Cut the potato in half and place it on the broken base. Then just twist and the bulb goes out! If you don’t have a potato, you can use an apple too.

12) Make your laundry softer by using cheap and environmentally friendly softener – on the final rinse add two or three tablespoons of white vinegar.

13) You can easier pull out the pan when baking cookies, biscuits or muffins, if you leave one of the corners empty.

14) We all hate when bananas or other fruits turn brown in the fridge because of ripening. Fruits will last two times longer if you wrap them in aluminum foil. You can use this trick to other products, such as cheese, and preserve them fresh longer.

15) Avoid snagging when putting curtains on a metal rod by slipping a plastic bag over the metal end.

16) Tired of kicking golf balls all around the house? Simply arrange them in egg cartons.

17) You can protect delicate fabrics (such as leather clothes) in your closet with a simple pillowcase. Grad a king-sized one, cut a hole for the hook of the hanger and drape it over – your precious clothes are safe and sound!

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