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    Basics of Modern Design

    fashion meets architecture: two of the icons of modern design – Karl Lagerfeld and Zaha Hadid Whether you’re a design enthusiast or looking for ways to perfect your design skills, we think the following tips might help you in your quest for modern aesthetic perfection. Here are some basic rules you should keep in mind: […]

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    7 Tips on buying furniture

    photo: woodenfurniture Furniture can be one of the biggest investments you make and you’ll probably live with it for a long time, so when buying furniture it’s important to choose it well. In order to make an educated choice you should know that there are more things to conform to besides the trends and your […]

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    17 Clever Tips for Around the House

    photo: plan59 We all have heard some clever tips on various household issues. Here are some more to enrich your household knowledge and help you deal with daily problems: 1) To repel moths and refresh your closet hang an old nylon stocking, filled with cedar chips. 2) Want your bathroom to smell good? Try spraying […]

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