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Design Dilemma: 2016 Trends in Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice


The kitchen has evolved. No longer simply a utilitarian space located in the far corner of the house, today the kitchen takes center stage, in design and in life. It’s the place where we entertain, spend quality time with family and experiment with new culinary concoctions. We don’t want to separate it from the rest of our home. We want to show it off!

To that end, the kitchen is being reconceived in ways that might have been considered unimaginable a decade or more ago. It’s becoming a home for electronic gadgets, where we can dock our iPhones and iPads. It’s a place for creative lighting that provides atmosphere and ambiance. It’s become a space to customize, customize, customize. No more standard cabinetry. Let’s take a look at the top trends for 2016.


1.) The kitchen continues to emerge from its shell.

By now, we must sound like a broken record. Everything’s open! In a trend that still seems to be holding steady, despite the fact that it’s been around for a while, it seems that most of us still want kitchens that communicate with the rest of the house, where we can prepare dinner while watching the kids, conversing with our partners, watching TV, and generally remaining part of the household fray.  Because this trend seems like it will be a keeper, designers are now designing kitchens to feel less “kitchen-y” — more streamlined, cleaner, with appliances often hidden away.  All indications are that in the future, the kitchen will continue to be integrated into living areas and many of the other top trends for 2016 piggyback off that fact.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice
beach style kitchen how to tips advice

2) Cabinetry is well-lit

It’s not just about ceiling lights anymore. In the kitchen, cabinet lighting has become all-important. This ranges from LED strip lights that run underneath cabinets, lighting up the kitchen countertop to lights inside cabinets as well. Statement, pendant lights, are also part of the lighting mix, which includes a greater variety of light sources and types than ever before. Below, recessed lights, pendant lights under cabinetry and inside cabinetry combine to create a kitchen with huge flexibility and atmospheric possibilities.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

And below here, an LED strip under cabinets highlights a beautiful texturized backsplash.

traditional kitchen how to tips advice


And below, another well-lit kitchen.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

3) Sliding cabinet doors

We’re all acquainted with the advantages of slide out cabinet shelves, but what about sliding cabinet doors? More and more kitchens are incorporating these types of doors, which have a number of advantages over traditional cabinets. For one, it eliminates the banging-head syndrome which occurs when you leave doors that swing out open and forget you’ve done so. Below, a sliding chalkboard panel allows you to decide what to reveal and what to hide.

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

Below, in this ski house kitchen, sliding doors allow for an open shelving look in some parts of the kitchen but hides clutter in other parts.

rustic kitchen how to tips advice

Here, sliding wood doors lend a rough-hewn industrial look.

industrial kitchen how to tips advice

And below, sliding glass doors allow overhead cabinetry to function as a display space for glassware.

midcentury kitchen how to tips advice

4) Smart kitchens
Increasingly, kitchens are incorporating designated spots for smart devices. Kitchens now often include hidden charging stations and places to store devices like phones and tablets so that they are always operable, at hand and charged. In addition, more homes are incorporating “smart” appliances — refrigerators that can tell you when it’s time to go shopping, and ovens that can be programmed to heat up when you decide.

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traditional kitchen how to tips advice

5) Microwave drawers

People are turning to microwaves tucked under countertops to free up counterspace or the space above the stove. Advantages, according to those who have them, include the fact that you can more easily access hot dishes without risking of dropping or spilling them.

contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

What are some other kitchen trends for 2016?

  • Streamlined kitchens with a modern twist
  • White and neutral gray cabinetry
  • A resurgence in Shaker style cabinets
  • Metal range hoods
  • Colored sinks
  • Mixing countertop materials
  • Architectural specialty faucets

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