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Design Dilemma: Cool Driveways that Move Beyond Asphalt

A driveway is a driveway is a driveway, right?

Wrong. Take a look at the driveway above. Flagstone pavers placed over synthetic turf give what would have been a run of the mill driveway a sense of timeless, classic elegance. You see, there’s no reason to settle for black asphalt or plain old concrete when there are so many more creative options out there. The right driveway can transform the curb appeal of your home, while also boosting your home’s value.
Shall we take a look?

asian landscape how to tips advice

Above, granite slabs and smaller cut stone pavers laid in an irregular pattern complement a modern Zen garden. The owners of this home rightfully chose paving that picked up on the planting theme, lending the front drive an integrated Asian look.

traditional entry how to tips advice

In this San Francisco driveway, owners elected to get the most decorative appeal out of a minute bit of space by leaving a green strip down the driveway and planting pockets between concrete steppingstones. Multicolored pavers add color, texture and individuality.

contemporary garage how to tips advice

Above, an architect in Austin, Texas created a decorative driveway with the added advantage that it is permeable, thus eliminating problems of run off. Strips of pale poured concrete are alternated with dark Uni Eco-Stone pavestones to create a striking pattern. Below, another driveway also takes the graphic look by creating long strips of gravel between long concrete pavers.

modern landscape how to tips advice

And the beauty of the driveway below is that it barely feels like a driveway, thanks to pavers designed with hollow centers and then planted them with plugs of blue fescue (Festuca glauca) sod. When the grass gets tall in the driveway, it can get mowed just like the grass in the lawn.

traditional landscape how to tips advice

Below, a clever way to decrease water run off in a driveway.

mediterranean landscape how to tips advice

And finally, below, one of our favorites. Recycled timber sleepers and pebbles provide a permeable driveway that is strong enough to stand up to vehicles. Beautiful!

contemporary landscape how to tips advice

So next time you consider redoing your driveway, open your mind to all the beautiful options out there beyond boring asphalt.

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