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Design Dilemma: Cultivating A Trend Proof Home

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Stainless steel is in — then out. Granite countertops are in — then out. Hollywood regency is in — then out.
Are you tired of trends? With the proliferation of design blogs, it seems that fads and fixations blow through the world of design on a daily basis. But most of us are looking for something different. We can’t afford, nor do we need, to change our decor from month to month and year to year.  What we’re looking for is staying power.
So how do we manage to resist the “decor” of the moment while cultivating authenticity and freshness in our homes?
Here are a few ideas:
1) Stay true to yourself. Choose your furnishings based on what you really love — even if all the design blogs tell you that what you love is passe.

2) Mix and match with abandon. Pair antiques with contemporary pieces, mix expensive items with flea market finds. Below, more modern chrome chairs are paired with an antique wooden table.

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3) Don’t buy everything from the same place. If all your furnishings are sourced from the same place, be it Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware, IKEA or Milanoo, then your home is much more likely to slip into the look of the moment but will lack personality.  We were particularly struck by how well this South Carolina beach house, above and below, exemplify these principles. There is no one identifiable trend going on here. Instead, the home feels wonderfully eclectic and personal. It pulls in pieces from many different eras and yet still retains a fresh “of the moment” feel.

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4) Add pieces from multiple eras. Staying in just one time period can give your home that “stuck in time” feeling. In the photo above, a shag rug lives comfortably with an antique clock. Below, the Philippe Starck Ghost chairs rise above the trendy when paired with a rustic table.

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5) Limit your time with design blogs. Yes, we love the many wonderful design blogs out there, but the truth is that they can become addictive. You may find it easier to resist the trend of the moment if you limit your exposure.

6) When you see a trend you think you want, wait. Give yourself several months before you spring for that over-dyed rug or that appliance in that trendy new color. If you find yourself still drawn to your obsession after time has passed, then allow yourself to indulge in it.

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7) Allow yourself years to decorate, not months. Adding and subtracting pieces as a long, unhurried process will help your home to avoid falling into the trendy trap. Your home will feel curated and collected with time — not a victim of fashion.

8.) Make art a focal point of your home. Investing in art that you truly love will lend your home its own personality and style that will rise far above the trend of the moment. Allow yourself to let your art passion dictate your furniture choices.

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These days, it can be all too easy to fall into the trend trap. But if you take your time, decorate with intention, and analyze your choices, you will create an interior that will feel authentic, remain true to your own personality and style, and which will withstand the test of time. Happy decorating!

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