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Design Dilemma: Exchanging Your Tub for a Shower

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Do you have a tub that you rarely use? Do you covet the huge walk-in showers that you see in design magazines and home shows? If so, you shouldn’t feel stuck with your lot. It is perfectly possible to convert your tub into a walk-in shower.

Here’s what your bathroom could look like:



modern bathroom how to tips advice

But before you grab that sledgehammer, let’s consider a few salient points. How many bathrooms do you have? How long do you expect to be in your home? If your home has only one bathroom, and if you expect to live in your home only a few years, it may be wise to hold off on a tub removal. Many homebuyers may prefer a home with a tub. And if you’ve only got one bathroom, it is riskier to remove a tub that might also be used to wash the dog, soak dirty clothes, or give the kids a bath. On the other hand, if you’ve got several bathrooms in your home, what the heck, why not rid yourself of a tub so you can finally have what you’ve always cherished — that huge walk-in shower.

Once you’ve considered this point, it’s time to start doing some measuring.

Here’s what the experts say you should measure for:

  • Since tubs are usually 60 inches long, there is usually enough length for a shower. The width of a tub, however, varies. Aim for at least 32 to 34 inches from the finished tile wall to the future glass shower door.
  • Your finished ceiling height should reach a minimum of 80 inches. Your shower should measure at least 30 by 30 inches to comply with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s guidelines for bathrooms. If you decide to plan for a bench, make sure it doesn’t crowd this space of 30 by 30 inches
  • Aim for at least 15 inches from the center of the toilet to the new shower glass.

Okay, so what happens if you measure and it turns out you don’t quite have the space? There are some solutions!

Not enough space for a shower-door swing? Consider not having a shower door at all. You might opt for a curtain, or just a simple glass divider. Something like this:

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Or, you might opt for a glass block barrier that allows for privacy and light, but that doesn’t take up a lot of space:

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Replacing a tub for a shower can be an inspired idea, especially for older individuals who may have trouble getting into a tub, or for those looking to do a snazzy renovation of an old bathroom. Be sure to keep in mind lighting that you may need in your shower, as well as any structures, such as benches and soap dishes that you want to install. Be sure to carefully plan your tile layout and you’ll find yourself loving your tub-to-shower switch every time you bathe!

contemporary bathroom how to tips advice

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