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Design Dilemma: Fade to Black

Black and White Living room how to tips advice

I have a friend who loves all things black. So she’s bought a black couch, a black chair, a black rug, a dining table with black chairs, black kitchen appliances and painted her window frames black. It might be a bit much for most of us, but she’s happy. Still, there is a way to indulge a fancy for black while avoiding the funereal feel that comes with overindulgence. Played the right way, black can feel moody, sensual, sexy.

How can an all-black theme avoid feeling heavy and boring?

1) Introduce contrast. Something’s got to give. Black holds much more punch when contrasted against other colors. White is most often used for a stark, dramatic contrast, but you can pick almost any color and have a similar effect.  Opportunities for contrast come in rugs, pillows, curtains and other accessories. Below, an all-black interior gets some breathing room with a black-and-white cowhide rug and black-and-white pillows. White accessories, like the white lamps and horsehead statue keep the black-and-white theme going.

blackliving how to tips advice

Below, some white pillows thrown into the mix lightens things up and adds interest.  A white shag rug also helps to break things up.

black+living+room+furniture how to tips advice

And here, even the walls are painted a black or near-black color! Why does it work? The bright white trim and ceiling and white rug provide some contrast.

blackthe grove how to tips advice

2) Introduce pattern. One way to liven up a lot of black is to add a pattern. Not only might you choose a patterned pillows, as seen in the second photo in this post, but you might throw in a patterned rug, as seen below. Or, why not wallpaper?

Black Furniture Living Room Ideas how to tips advice

Below, this has got to be one of the sexiest bedrooms we’ve ever seen. It’s romantic and unstudied, yet very sophisticated.

6 black modern bedroom ideas Bedroom with black wallpaper how to tips advice

3) Add tones. Flat black everywhere can feel pretty one-dimensional. Add a feeling of depth by playing with grays in addition to just black. Check out the bedroom below. It’s not just black, but filled with blacks with different tones, as well as silver, charcoal, and gray.

black bedroom ideas 2 how to tips advice

4) Add texture. Think shag and flokati rugs, nubby pillows, smooth satin or nubby throws and curtains. Texture can add subtle interest that can stand in for color. Below, the shag taupe rug plays a starring role in an ultra modern bedroom.

contemporary Italian beds by Fimes 3 554x457 how to tips advice


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  1. Sally Book Says:

    I think the best point you make is about having contrast in a predominantly black room. Colours don't usually work very well and struggle to lighten the atmosphere, but when you introduce white, you help to add a style to the room, making it look crisp and clean.

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