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Design Dilemma: Functional Desks that Are Cool, Too

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Sensible desks are a bit like sensible shoes. In other words, they’re functional but not so pretty to look at. The design challenge: finding a desk that can handle a computer, office supplies, papers, cables, printers, and still look deliciously elegant. (Above, the Piu desk formerly offered by Design Within Reach beautifully fit our criteria but alas is no longer available). So here’s a few options that are still available:

If wires are your problem, we propose the Slot Desk (below) by Jennifer Newman. Red and shiny like a race car, this beauty provides a convenient slot that lets messy cables, computer and phone wires disappear directly into the table.

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Or is your problem a lack of space? If a corner of your bedroom or living room also serves as a home office, check out Crate and Barrel’s Incognito Compact Office. Retailing for $999, the convertible desk also features a letter/legal file drawer, a storage drawer, an adjustable and removable shelf, as well as cut-outs for those darned cables.

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The Jay Desk (below) by West Elm, is $199 and perfect for those who have only a small study or home office. What makes this desk cool is that a roll out extension can double your working space when you need it, but disappear when you don’t. The desk includes a shelf and small drawer for gadgetry and other necessities.

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Finally, we just had to mention the Homework Desk by Robin Grasby. We’re not even sure if the desk of this London designer is on the market, but it meets home office needs beautifully and with great polish, providing bays for pencils and pens, felt storage slings and drawers, book support, an integrated wooden ruler, monitor shelf, cutting mat, whiteboard, space for vertical filing and charging ports for small gadgets. Now there’s a functional desk!

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