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Boat House Houses Boat Owner on Weekends

Boathouse1 green
Here’s a very simple and effective idea. An extremely stripped-down minimal building down at waters edge serves the two functions that its owners need it to. During the week the boat is tugged up this ramp and shut right into this rather utilitarian looking building.

Boathouse2 green

On the weekends though; the boat is sent outside, while the boat owners occupy the very same space!

Boathouse3 green
The downstairs is a solid box covered with whitewash, permanently entirely ventilated by  windows that filter the light, and can be completely opened up on all sides.

Boathouse4 green
The “muxarabi” window is a legacy from colonial times; employing a typical construction method for the region. The two boxes were prefabbed off-site to minimize environmental damage.

Boathouse6 green
From the bedroom upstairs you can see that there is no solar on the roof downstairs. So I wonder how they get their electricity in this very off-grid location?

This strange yet delightful and useful building is on Lake Paraty in Brazil, in the Saco do Mamanguá region – a tropical fjord that is accessible only by boat without power, the very archetype of a lost paradise.

The young couple who commissioned this idea had the need for proximity to water in order for the boat to enter easily, without power, and to preserve the dense vegetation of the rain forest.

Images: Marcio Kogan Architects
Source: Trendir
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