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Design Dilemma: Galley Kitchens That Work

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Galley kitchens are the bane of many cooks. Claustrophobic and cramped, many seem to accommodate no more than one person at a time. And yet, there’s no denying that a galley kitchen can be highly-efficient. Many of us, especially apartment dwellers living in high-rise cities, have no choice but to accept the galley kitchen for what it is —  a utilitarian space meant for preparing meals. So make the most of it.

Here’s how:

1)  Aim for a minimum of three feet between counters,  Four to six feet is considered optimal for minimizing congestion. Anything less than three feet and you’re looking at preparing many meals alone. If your galley kitchen is open on both ends you’ll need to allow for more space between countertops to allow traffic to pass.

2)  Maintain the work triangle concept by arranging two workstations on one counter side and one workstation centered on the opposite side. The best arrangement is the sink and refrigerator on one side and the stove inbetween on the opposite side.

3) Keep the refrigerator toward the outside of the triangle. The refrigerator hinge should allow the door to be opened from within the kitchen for greater ease and working efficiency. See an example below.

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4) Consider hiding appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers behind cabinetry. In a tight space, the uniform look will make your kitchen appear larger.

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5)  Maximize space by allowing cabinets to reach the ceiling. Creating one clean line from floor to ceiling will expand your storage space and make your kitchen feel cleaner, crisper, larger.

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6) Don’t skimp on finishes. When you’ve got a tiny kitchen, everything that goes into the kitchen counts. Make your kitchen a jewelbox of splendor by investing in quality finishes — a beautiful backsplash, solid countertops, good floors, solid cabinets, interesting  lighting.  Below, a French galley kitchen is a captivating space thanks to interesting lighting, marble countertops and a gallery display of black and white photographs.

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  1. Rick Shaver, PleasantLivingHome Says:

    What fun. I have lived with many galley kitchens and love them. Looking at these was sort of looking at a flip book of what to do with the same kitchen. Thanks for the post. Rick

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