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Design Dilemma: Ideas for Making A Small Balcony Functional

No matter how small your outdoor space may happen to be, you can make use of it! Even if you’ve only got a tiny little balcony, there are all sorts of inventive designs that can transform a few square feet into a dining spot, an outdoor kitchen, a romantic getaway or a wildlife sanctuary.  Check it out:

balcony1 how to tips advice

This folding table attaches to any deck or balcony rail (up to 7″ wide) to provide additional space for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, etc. After use, it folds flat against the side of your deck or balcony. Table has a 50 lb. weight capacity, so it’s ideal for outdoor events or as extra table space on smaller decks. Measures 35″w x 16 1/2″d. The price is $69.95 and it’s available at Sporty’s Preferred

balcony2 bbq grill how to tips advice

Is your balcony too tiny for a full-fledged grill? How about this baby, a tiny little grill that hooks over balcony railing like a flower box. Called The Bruce Grill by Henrik Drecker, we spotted it on Random Good Stuff. Keep in mind that many apartment buildings and condos with balconies prohibit outdoor grilling, so check with your condo association first!

balcony3fireball how to tips advice

Need a little illumination on your balcony? This fireball oil lamp hooks right over the balcony railing. It’s offered by Rephorm out of Germany. Below, the Cube planter from Rephorm brings greenery to your balcony without taking up vital floor space.

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And also from Rephorm, a balcony birdfeeder to bring a little wildlife close to home.

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