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Design Dilemma: Modern Cabin, in the Woods

Winter Cabin eclectic exterior

Summertime is when many of us head to our cabin in the woods or on the beach.  A retreat from the frenetic chaos of daily life, our simple rustic cabins represent an opportunity to relax and smell the pine needles or the salty sea air. But the cabin retreat has come quite a long way from Thoreau’s rustic shack on Walden Pond. Today, the cabin, while still simple, has gone starkly modern.

For example, the cabin retreat above and below, located in Vermont, has all the simple character of any humble cabin in the woods. But what makes the space feel modern are the soaring ceilings and bright open spaces.

Winter Cabin eclectic family room
Winter Cabin eclectic family room
And a view of the bathroom:
Winter Cabin eclectic
Similarly, here’s another Vermont cabin that makes great use of light and space:
Modern Cabin modern living room
Modern Cabin modern dining room

And if you prefer a modern cabin at the seashore, check out the modern space below, located outside Seattle, WA:

A Fragaria Community Stilt House rides the tides of Colvos Passage traditional
A Fragaria Community Stilt House rides the tides of Colvos Passage traditional
Okay, so by now it should be pretty clear what makes a modern cabin “modern”. Let’s recap:
  • Open Space. Modern requires one big open living space rather than a warren of small rooms.
  • Lots of Light. In all three of our examples, natural light plays a starring role.  All of our cabins feature large picture windows that connect the indoors to the outdoors.
  • Open Kitchen. In a modern and more informal life, most people prefer to keep the kitchen open to the living room for easy entertaining.
  • Lighter or white-washed wood finishes. Wood will always be a big feature of cabin life but our modern renditions choose lighter varieties and finishes of wood with a breezier feeling.
  • No clutter and no “country” tchotchkes. Modern cabin owners feel no need to decorate with wagon wheels, fishing nets, or any of the stereotypical country fare of bygone years. The only star in this show is simplicity, clean lines, and a direct connection to nature. Even Thoreau would approve.

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