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A Transparent Jungle Treehouse in Brazil

Iporanga6 architecture

Nitsche Arquitetos Associados designed this house located in Iporanga on Sao Paulo’s coast in Brazil.

iporanga21 architecture

The client wanted to experience the surrounding natural jungle, in a protected area of the original Atlantic Rainforest.

iporanga1 architecture

While disturbing the surrounding rainforest as little as possible, the client needed five bedrooms.

So the house has a tall footprint – making a tree house.

Iporanga10 architecture

The upper floor accommodates five bedrooms, one for the couple, one each for three children and a guest bedroom.

Iporanga8 architecture

The volume of the upper floor creates a shadow on the slab, and the architect used that shadow for the social area underneath.

Iporanga7 architecture

Indeed, the sense of being in an open space under the real house is very palpable. Yet this underneath floor is entirely glassed in.

Iporanga5 architecture

The intention was to minimize the difference between inner and outside space, making it work all as one integrated space.

Iporanga4 architecture

“This “middle” floor is almost an open space” says the architect “protected on all sides by transparent temperate glass sliding panels, so the forest can be seen at all times”.

iporanga12 architecture

Upstairs, just the corner of a bed is seen at this end.

(Unfortunately there are no interior photos available of the more enclosed upper floor, containing the bathroom(s) and the bedrooms.)

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One comment so far to “A Transparent Jungle Treehouse in Brazil”
  1. Architecture Santa Fe Says:

    There is something magical about tree-houses. They take me back a little bit to a childhood state of mind.

    This project shows an abundance of thoughtful detailing. Great materials and colors.

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