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Design Dilemma: New Trends for 2013

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Happy New Year! It looks like 2013 has arrived and we’re still all here. And so are our annual design predictions for this new year. Here’s a look at what we’ve heard and seen in the design world.

In kitchens, we’ve heard the big new trend is toward induction cooktops. Yes, they look kind of space age and are easy to clean, but that’s not what the buzz is about.

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Induction cooktops are literally cooler than other types of conventional cooktops. The induction system heats only magnetic materials, and not hands, aprons, potholders, or anything else that customarily gets burned in kitchen accidents.  And that’s not the only advantage. Induction cooktops allow cooks to control heat very precisely and instantaneously, with no wasted heat heating up kitchens and homes on hot summer days. More and more high-end kitchens are incorporating these cooktops into the kitchen design.

And while we’re on kitchens, designers are saying there is a newer interpretation of the country kitchen.

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The look juxtaposes natural materials like the butcher block countertop, with simple, clean-lined cabinet styles that avoid all the curlicues and over-the-top details of past country styles. The most popular cabinet finishes are still white, off-whites and natural wood.

In terms of upholstery, curtains and other textiles, pattern is making a strong appearance. Forecasters say that fabrics and wall coverings will include small and large-scale florals with white backdrops, vintage prints with a twist of white, and bold colors and patterns on a white background. Stripes will be big.

tropical pattern home design how to tips advice

As you can see above, part of the fun in patterns involves clashing patterns. A sense of vibrancy comes from mixing stripes, with geometrics with florals, as you see above. Patterns will also become more inspired by Folklore african, bulgarian, mexican…. animals, culture and crafts will all come in to play.

Designers expect yellow to make a big appearance, along with a revival of African prints, the use of black and white and bold geometric but monotone patterns.

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Overall, look for a looser, more playful vibe in interiors that are no longer as minimalist and monotone as in recent years. Mid-century modern gives way to a look that is quirkier, and embraces both the old and new,  the “male” and “female”, the vintage and contemporary. The couch below sums up the vibe, since it brings a vintage couch into the 21st century with a fun, contemporary patterned fabric.

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With open interiors, blended familes and multi-generational households, people will generally be less into “matching” and more into an eclectic look. Home feels homier, and less like a showcase.  Examples of the new funkiness, below:

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Loads of pattern and color, above and below, transmit a happy, relaxed vibe.


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Even minimalist interiors will include a certain amount of pattern and whimsy:

Creating a Modern Interior Space with a Touch of Dramatic Floor Patterns how to tips advice

Generally, it feels as if the heavy influence of minimalist Scandinavian design is receding to give way to interiors that have been influenced by the bold colors and patterns of other parts of the world, particularly Africa and Asia. Enjoy the patterns and colors of the new year!

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