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Design Dilemma: Three Lofts with that Cozy Factor

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Who says lofts always feel cavernously cold? While “cozy” may not be the first word to come to mind when considering loft living, some lofts manage to retain a homey feel, despite their industrial origins and vast open spaces.

Take the loft above located in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. Although the loft, renovated by David Howell, is huge at 2800 square feet, it does not feel sterile. Check out the entryway below:

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Perhaps the fact that there IS an entry way, helps to make this lofty nest feel like a home. Formerly tight and narrow, the entry way was opened up a bit, allowing for the sense of a separate entry while at the same time providing views out to the kitchen, dining and living area. The result is a place that feels like home.

Here’s another view of the loft, this time from the living room looking out toward the dining room:

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Somehow, despite the wide open spaces, the loft feels appropriately family size. It is polished and chic, but it doesn’t feel untouchable or unlivable.
For an entirely different style, check out the Pittsburgh loft below. Converted into apartments in the ’80s, the building was formerly a chocolate factory, a department store and a paper storage facility. It’s a lot prettier these days.

modern living room how to tips advice

The view above is of the living room. Check out more of the loft below:

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And this:

modern dining room how to tips advice

And this:

modern living room how to tips advice

What is it that makes this loft feel like home? It’s probably the comfortable mix of furnishings, artwork and antiques that never feel like they’re trying too hard. Persian carpets always lend an interior a touch of hominess, and the sectional couch was a great choice for defining space and creating a sense of intimacy.

Our final cozy loft is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In a building that once housed a bakery, today the loft is home to artist Ed Roth and his dog. Roth has upped the coziness factor by filling his loft with colorful street art, collected finds and cool modernist furniture.

contemporary living room how to tips advice

And this:

contemporary living room how to tips advice

And this:

contemporary bedroom how to tips advice

We could hardly imagine a more welcoming and warm space! These spaces just go to show that loft living doesn’t necessarily mean going minimal and bare. What’s the secret to warming things up?

  • Keep things open while maintaining some definition. It’s okay to have a dining space, a conversational space, a study area, each well defined.
  • Use area rugs to define living areas. Rugs instantly up the cozy factor.
  • Make liberal use of art, sculpture and vintage finds. It’s the art that provides the personality.
  • Furnish it like a home. You don’t need to stuff your loft to the gills with furniture. (After all, the cool thing about loft living IS the wide open space). But at the same time, you don’t have to embrace minimalism either. It’s okay to own couches and chairs, a TV, a dining table, and all the other normal stuff you might own in a regular old house.

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