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Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!

bay house3 architecture

This is a sweet beach house on the Long Island coast by Roger Ferris + Partners.

bay house2 architecture

The house and separate guesthouse form a simple rectangle shape, with a metal framing for exterior solar shading.

bay house5 architecture

The perfect simplicity and relaxed design perfectly expresses the simple perfection of the vast sea to the horizon.

bay house14 architecture

The ocean is fairly bracing in the region, but its always a balmy sunny spot for bathing in this sheltered space.

bay house1 architecture

The design references the metal railings of a ship.

bay house6 architecture

These railings act as solar shading on both sides of the long structure, softening the low rays of the morning and evening sun.

bay house7 architecture

Delightfully: huge chunks of sky are framed by generous skylights.

bay house8 architecture

The solar shading of the metal louvres reduces glare and heating and cooling needs.

bay house10 architecture

The house is heated and cooled with geothermal energy, a ground heat exchange system to moderate the extreme coastal climate.

bay house9 architecture

All of the interiors are delightful places full of joy.

bay house12 architecture

In a sweet touch, the master bedroom bath gets its own spacious front row seating, overlooking the sea.

bay house11 architecture

Behind it, a half wall separates the shower beyond, making a more secluded space.

bay house13 architecture

On the other side of the half wall, the sink is hung.

The cleanest possible shower is simply a perfect glass box, from floor to ceiling.

bay house15 architecture

Outside, reflective mirrored windows maintain privacy for the shower and bath, and create the illusion of a double walkway.

bay house4 architecture

“Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!”

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2 Comments so far to “Oh, I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside!”
  1. John Says:

    Back in the days, I've always dreamed about a house near the sea but when I heard about the tsunami in Japan… then again, maybe not.

  2. Anil Says:

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