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Design Dilemma: What Color Appliances?

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We’ve written before about one of the big aesthetic dilemmas of the day: stainless steel appliances or white?

Personally, we’ve tired of the ubiquitous granite and stainless steel look that you find in every cheap track home aching to be “modern.”  So these days, just to indulge a rebellious streak, we’ve been looking at lots of kitchens incorporating white appliances. See a few examples below:

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Of course, in truth, we  think both white appliances AND stainless steel will have staying power. Both options have been around for a very long time, and both options are apt to stay classic. The key in making either look successful, however, is the context in which either choice is made.

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  • Avoid the “every kitchen” look. (See photo above.) One reason white appliances seem to be making a comeback is that they are getting rarer. Buy a new house, and inevitably, you’re going to be buying the above kitchen. (Yawn.) If you choose stainless steel for yourself, try to personalize your choice by choosing something other than a granite countertop, or opting for appliances that aren’t the usual black and stainless steel combo.
  • If you choose white appliances, consider white or very light wood cabinets. White appliances do seem to look better in kitchens where they don’t stand out. White appliances look chic, fresh and timeless when they blend seamlessly, with either birch or light wood cabinets or white cabinetry.
  • Whether you choose stainless steel or white, distinguish your kitchen by choosing unusual styles or brands. What is so often boring about both stainless steel and white appliances is that everyone seems to own the same two models. Mix it up and go for something different!
  • Consider a pop of color. Tired of the whole white or stainless steel dilemma? What about adding a pop of color through a colored range or  refrigerator? One colored appliance, in combination with either white or stainless steel appliances, can give your kitchen a dose of character, without overdoing it. (Opting for all colored appliances IS overdoing it).

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  • Hide the appliances. The biggest trend in kitchen design these days is to hide appliances completely behind cabinetry so that you actually don’t see the compact refrigerator or range. This may be the simplest way to avoid the whole stainless steel or white appliance dilemma!

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  1. office interior design Says:

    Great tips….I like the white appliances that are accented with stainless, they look a little more interesting.

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