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Four Square Vacation Home in Virrat, Finland

Virrat house 1 green
Four distinct views inform the design of this intriguing black-clad vacation home in Finland by Helsinki’s Avanto Architects. Each room-wing of the vacation house faces one of the views.
Virrat house 2 green
Strikingly, the entire interior is painted glossy reflective white… continuing the snowy exterior indoors so that it would feel as if the warm stove has been set in the woods.Virrat house 3 green
Even the essential Finnish sauna would feel as if it was just planted outside in the vast white snow.
Virrat house 4 green
The entrance is stark and unfurnished.
Virrat house 5 green
The vacation house is completely off the grid. Although there is a stream nearby, there is no running water.

Virrat house 7 green

Heat is provided just by two wood-burning stoves. One in the living space, and one in the bedroom, and another in the sauna.

Virrat house 6 green

Electricity is provided only by a solar system on the roof.

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