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Design Trend: Why and Where You Should Consider A Custom Closet

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Just like the saying ” you can never be too rich or too thin,” there’s another very similar axiom in the world of home design: you can never have enough storage. And perhaps even more important than “having enough” is having the “right” storage — that is, closets and storage systems that are perfectly planned for the spaces they occupy.

In the bedroom:

Bedrooms seem to be eternally plagued by tiny, midget-sized closets. Older homes usually have only a very small reach-in closet, but even newer homes are often short on space. You know the story: one small hanging rack, one shelf. The best way to revamp this inadequate space is to invest in a custom closet system.

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So what does a custom system offer beyond what you might get by investing in a few storage boxes?

  •  In addition to space for clothes, space for shoes and accessories.
  • Adjustable racks and shelving that allow you to move the closet components to adapt to different types of clothes.
  • Pull out drawers and bins that can stand in for a dresser, and which provide space for folded clothes and undergarments.
  • Racks for accessories. Tie, belt and scarf racks, jewelry liners, and slide out pant and skirt racks and mini and maxi bins for other items can help keep clutter at bay.

 In the Garage

Have you ever seen a garage so packed with stuff that a car can’t fit in? Garage organization is essential, and is again best tackled by going custom.

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  • Because you can design upper cabinets which can be locked for safe storage of yard chemicals, paint supplies and harmful cleaning products.
  • You can add shelves and wall components that can free up valuable floor space
  • You can design a workbench space especially to fit your needs or hobbies.

In the den

One area rarely considered for custom storage is the media room. And yet, investment in an entertainment center can magically transform your media area into a place that is functional, streamlined, and beautiful too. Take a look:

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Why go custom here?

  • Because you can design lighting for extra impact.
  • You can banish cables through a cable management system.
  • You can design storage elements to fit your individual media components, from flat screen TVs, to speakers, projectors and more.

Not convinced yet? Keep this in mind: not only does investing in custom storage make your life eminently more livable, but ultimately, it will also boost the resale value of your home.  And there’s no better value than that!



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