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An Eclectic Mix of Old and New in Melbourne

JL1 architecture

A much travelled client wanted a home that reflected the principle of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, the beauty of imperfection.

JL2 architecture

Architect Jessica Liew came up with a re-imagining of old and new that blends the memories of the travels in an Australian townhouse.

JL4 architecture

A giant chalkboard offers ample scope for the family artist.

JL3 architecture

The architect also honors the owners aesthetic of rawness, honesty and simplicity.

JL9 architecture

Beautiful worn stone surfaces in the shower have the charm of character, yet the whole is perfectly simple.

JL7 architecture

Seen from the library, a small lily pond offers a garden view.

JL5 architecture

There’s an edgy contrast between the hip urban concrete box with its gigantic nearly frameless glass doors, and the old mossy stones outside.

JL11 architecture

The architect shares her client’s love of robust natural building materials and surfaces worn with history. Very rough stucco was applied by hand.

JL6 architecture

A long skylight brings light down into the heart of the home where antiquated faucets and a marble countertop suggests baking with rolling pins and lashings of flour.

JL8 architecture

Altogether the result is a new dwelling for a modern lifestyle but with the eclectic charm of an old home.

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