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DIY: How To Fix A Broken Window

DIY is a great way of saving money and also of instilling some confidence back into yourself.

There is nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of completing a DIY task and then sitting down and admiring your own handy-work.

This post is all about fixing broken windows, we will look at how to remove a broken pane safely and also how to re-fit the window with a brand new pane.

Firstly lets take a look at how to remove a cracked window pane:

– It is very, very important that you wear suitably protective gloves and some goggles also to keep your hands and eyes safe at all times.

– Before you begin the removing process lay a dust sheet down on the floor under the window. This will ensure that any loose glass will fall onto the dust sheet and not onto your carpet where it could land up cutting someone.

diy fixawindow 1 how to tips advice

– To stop the glass braking up into tiny pieces stick masking tape over each pane in vertical rows.

Knock the glass lightly with a hammer to free the glass and then carefully remove the pieces of glass that are left with your hand.

– Use a putty knife or chisel to get rid of any remaining glass and putty.

– Remove all the diamond-shaped glazing points and pins with pliers.

– Lightly sand the window frame to make sure the surface is as smooth as possible.

Clean the frame and use some wood preserver and primer to coat it before you place the new glass pane in.

To fit your new window pane:

– Take some putty and warm it in your hands by rolling it around until it has a smooth texture.

diy fixawindow 2 how to tips advice

-Roll out the putty into 10mm thick strips and then press the strips into the rebate of the frame.

-Carefully place the new glass pane into the rebate and press firmly around the edges to make sure the putty holds the pane satisfactorily.

– Use a special pin hammer to gently tap glazing points and pins into the timber frame of the window to keep the glass in place. Make sure the pins and points do not touch the pane of glass.

– Apply more putty around the edge of the glass and rebate to make sure the glass is firmly in place.

diy fixawindow 3 how to tips advice

Run the flat surface of a putty knife along the putty to get a smooth and even finish.

– When the putty is dry paint over it in the same color as the window frame.

Another DIY project that you may be interested in is how to fix a dripping overflow pipe.

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