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10 Chairs That Changed The World

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Seating is a much over looked aspect of interior design but it is important none the less.

After all it is where you sit to unwind or work or eat and it is also somewhere where you can sit and admire the decor of an interior space.

Like all creative things, design in 2008 bases a lot of it’s new projects on design that made a big impact in the past. In this post we will look at modern chairs that changed furniture forever:

First up is this, the Adelta Ball Chair which is a somewhat iconic piece in a lot of people’s eyes.

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Designed in 1966 by Eero Aarnio, the round white shell is made from fiberglass and inside is a comfy soft lounge seat covered in orange fabric. The inside of the fiberglass shell is also upholstered in matching fabric to make it really cozy.

Due to the modern art status of the Ball Chair if you wanted to buy one for your home it would set you back $6500.

Secondly is the famous Swan Chair created by Arne Jacobsen over 50 years ago.

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At the time the chair was revolutionary because of it’s use of curves in the design rather than harsh straight lines. The Swan Chair has recently been re-released and you can pick one up for $3400

Lastly is the Risom Lounge Chair. This striking seat was designed by Jens Risom in 1941 so it was extremely ahead of it’s era.

risomloungechair furniture 2

The Risom Lounge Chair consists of thick woven cotton stretched around a dark solid maple wood frame. Once the success of the chair had been proved different versions of it were released including larger ones and model with arms.

The Risom is still being produced today and you can buy a new one for $770.

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