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How To: Change a Light Fixture

light fixture how to tips adviceEver wondered how to change your existing light fixture yourself? We are here to help. It seems hard when you don’t know how to do it. But you will now learn it is quite easy and can be done yourself. Something as simple as updating your lighting in a room can make your entire area feel updated. Here are some basic directions in changing your existing light fixture.


  • Turn off power circuit for area you will be working in
  • Remove your existing light fixture
    • Take out light bulbs and glass light covers
    • Unscrew the fixture from the wall and hold it carefully
    • Unscrew wire nuts (make sure to not touch the bare wire ends)
    • Undo ground wire from screw
  • Install new fixture
  • Match up circuit wires by color and then secure with wire nuts.
  • Most fixtures will have a ground screw. Secure the bare ground wire around the ground screw
  • Screw fixture in place
  • Turn power circuit back on

A simple and easy way to change your lighting. If you ever feel uneasy doing the electrical yourself, never hesitate to hire a professional.

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