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Norm 06 Puzzle Light

norm 06 light lighting

One look up at this amazing light and you can tell that it was inspired by nature. Like many of Normann Copenhagen’s lights the Norm 06 is self assembly. Although it’s part of the self assembly series, it’s quite easy to assemble. No need for glue or tools when putting the light together.

norm 06 lighting


The lamp is made of a non-flammable plastic material and uses a 60 watt bulb. The Norm 06 Puzzle light is impressive, to say the least. When looking up at it the light appears to be an awe-inspiring 3D flower. A soft glow from the bulb gives the lamp its color. Check out this beautiful lamp at Feel More Human.

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  1. Time Tracker Says:

    Beautiful! While it looks vaguely reminiscent of an ikea lamp, it looks like the folks in Sweden should be taking some new design cues from Normann.

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