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How To Create A Great Bathroom

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Walking into a stunning bathroom every morning is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The feeling of a little indulgent luxury before work created by good quality products and innovative design is something everyone can achieve.

– A carefully placed chair in the bathroom will add some comfort to the room but also gives an opulent and extravagant feel.

– Not everything in the bathroom needs to be white! Go a little more adventurous with the decor and add a splash of color with colored tiles or colored glass panels to create a unique bathroom with its own wow factor.

colouredbathroom how to tips advice

-Storage is vital for this room in the house, if you don’t plan enough storage your beautiful bathroom will be strewn with towels and beauty products, ruining the design of the area.

-Natural materials like slate or wood help to bring a bit of the outdoors into your bathroom and also add a spa like feel. If you can find wood based aromatherapy oils to use or burn this will enhance the atmosphere even further.

-Monochrome is proving to be one of the most popular trends for the bathroom this season. With its opposing black and white theme, this look will stay at the pinnacle of style for years to come.

– If you don’t want to go the trouble of creating a whole new bathroom from scratch then use accessories to update your interior. Think luxurious fluffy towels, sleek chrome toothbrush holders, natural stone soap dishes and a few framed pictures.

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  1. Time Tracker Says:

    Breathtaking! I’ve stayed in a few hotels where the bathroom was truly the centerpiece of the room, which ultimately leads me to remember those stays even years later. Well said, and great point that a great bathroom is a GREAT way to start your day.

  2. HDF Says:

    @Time Tracker – Thanks for reading. Glad we can help.

  3. eknightsbridge Says:

    @sophie: Thanks for the info!

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