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Tips On How To Achieve The Ideal Office

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– Don’t let the computer become the focal point of the room. It is easy to let wires and screens dominate the aesthetics of a home office, but with a little careful planning and some inventive storage use this needn’t be the case.

-If you are having a complete redecoration of your spare room or office then hire someone to hide all those nasty wires from view or consider going down the wireless technology route.

– Dump your old boring office swivel chair and buy a new one. There are literally thousands of office chairs on the market, ranging from plush upholstered arm chairs to shiny chrome stools. A decadent softly furnished chair creates an amazing interior when placed in a contemporary, industrial style office. The look works particularly well when a chair with a bold patterned fabric is placed in an office with a brushed steel desk and bright white walls.

This Eero Saarinen executive chair is available from

This Eero Saarinen executive chair is available from

-Look to the past for inspiration. Just because technology itself is modern it doesn’t mean that the furniture has to be too. Offices decorated in a traditional style exude character and charm as well as having the added benefit of making you feel like your not back at work when your sitting at home. A key piece for creating this style is an old fashioned wooden writing desk that can maybe be teamed with a sleek wooden chair. There is definitely a strange beauty in this look which probably comes from the juxtaposition of the antique style furniture with a modern computer.

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  1. Jackson E Says:

    i LOOOOOVE that first office. I am currently decorating my own home office and I have to say, the best place to go is One thing that is so key: ergonomics. I got an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. No carpal tunnel for me! Also, the chairs there are beautiful. I’m currently looking at a Leap.

  2. HDF Says:

    @Jackson- Thanks for the tip and good luck with decorating your office!

  3. Marie T Says:

    Glad I linked into this site. Thanks for the tip with the chair, I’m in the market for one.

  4. kurt Says:

    how do you buy stuff on the bonluxat site?..i don’t even see contact info

  5. franklyn field Says:

    Same question. How in the world do you buy from on the bonluxat site? Is it a virtual site? The prior inquiry is correct. There is no way to contact these folks.

  6. HDF Says:

    @kurt – looks like the email address is here bonluxat (at) bonluxat.comon the privacy section

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