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How To Create A Great Mood Board.

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First up lets begin with clarifying what exactly a mood board is. It is actually a very simple concept which all professional interior designers use to plan the look of the space they are working on.

A mood board is a collage of textiles, paint colors, photos of other rooms and photos of pieces of furniture. Basically its a collage of all the elements that make up a room.

In this post there are some great tips and pointers that will help any one who is redecorating to get the most out of creating a mood board.moddboard2 how to tips advice

1- Gather together pictures of rooms that you like the look of.

2- Also collect images of things other than interiors that you are attracted to because of the visual charm.

3- Get a good selection of small fabric swatches that you feel best represent the textiles you would like to have in your completed room

4- You should also collect paint charts from local stores, then cut out the colors that strike you for using in your mood board.

5- If you cut out a photo from a magazine because you like a certain element of it, like a gorgeous arm chair then it is a good idea to also reflect on what else is in that room and the other things that make the room appealing. This will really help to start thinking out of the box and will also et all your creative juices flowing!

6- When you come to arranging your mood board it is helpful if  you place the photos in the position that you intend to put them in. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent accurate it just needs to be in the right general area.

For example don’t place a picture of a nice rug vertically down the side of the paper, put it at the bottom which is where the floor will be in real life.

However if you prefer the idea of doing a more scattered, overlapping style collage then thats fine too, just do what feels right!

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7-Make sure to consider the shades of the colors you are picking for your mood board. Just because something looks good in a magazine it doesn’t mean it will look the same and work in your home!

8- Also think about whether the style of your mood board is going to fit in with what you are planning to use the room for. If you want a peaceful and calm area where you can unwind then maybe stay away from busy wallpaper and clashing bright colors.

9- Lastly remember that the size of the photos,swatches, and paint samples that you choose should reflect the amount of space they will cover in the actual room. For example if you like a swatch of some curtains should be smaller proportionally to your paint sample as the curtains will take up much less of the room than the paint.

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