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How To Customize Your Blanket Box

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Everyone has the odd storage box dotted around the house that they use to store towels, blankets or bed linen but most of these boxes don’t look like anything special. In this post we will tell you how to jazz up a boring plain storage box by lining the inside of it. Your box will land up looking like something that has comes straight out of a bespoke furniture catalogue.
You’ll need a tape measure, a pair of sharp scissors, a roll of a wallpaper of your choice and some wood adhesive.

Firstly get the tape measure and carefully measure the four sides on the inside of your blanket box, then measure the bottom/base of the box and also the inside of the lid.
Once you have done this unroll the wallpaper and mark with a pencil the width and length of the first side you plan to cover, cut it out with the scissors and then repeat until you have six pieces or one for every side you want to line.
Finally, take one piece of the cut out wall paper and using a brush cover the back with wood adhesive then place the paper on the corresponding side of the box and press firmly all over until the paper lies flat with no air bubbles showing.
Leave the box to dry for a couple of hours, then its all ready to use!

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