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Tokyo Weekly: AN Architects and Luft design

16 tokyo weekly

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

Hiroshi Araki & Koji Nagasawa
AN Architects is an architectural design office which was formed by two architects who studied at Tadao Ando’s office.  It was formed in Osaka in 2005.

13 tokyo weekly

The booths were created for galleries and museums, as you can tell by the photos.  They were created to be compact with many variations.  They are going to be introduced during Tokyo design week at the prototype exhibit.  See more images below.

luft082 tokyo weekly
Luft is a design office created by Nami Makishi and Satoko Mizoguchi in 2005.  The theme is furniture that you would want for your home.  This series of furniture that is made by Rawan glued boards (laminated board) which are very cheap in Japan.  It is designed with sturdy shapes that add beauty to the design.

luft083 tokyo weekly

12 tokyo weekly

8 tokyo weekly

6 tokyo weekly

5 tokyo weekly

2 tokyo weekly

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