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How To Get That Scandinavian Style

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Scandinavian style is really hot right now in the world of interiors, its a classic sophisticated look that’s not actually that tough to achieve. To start to build up a picture of exactly what Scandinavian style is think pale or stripped wood, fresh white paint, pale blues,yellows and greens and simple minimalist shapes.

Simplicity is the buzz word with this look so it is important not to crowd the room with too many objects or accessories. The other thing to avoid is patterns. Yes, big bold wall papers and fabrics are in fashion right now but they won’t work alongside this understated, serene interior. There aren’t any rules saying that the room must be pattern free, a cushion with a pretty floral pattern is fine but don’t insert anything massive in the room because it will detract from the other elements of the design. A good compromise for people who can’t live without patterns is to use small gingham or check instead. Try to get it in pale red or blue and use fabric as serviettes on the table or draped over a plain sofa.

To stop the area from looking stark try putting a couple of brightly colored statement pieces around the room. A nice idea is to put a bright cherry red jug and bowl on the table, this is a good color because it adds a sense of richness and warmth to the surroundings. For a really affordable way to add color to a room why not buy some colored oven mitts and tea towels, they will perk up the space and won’t cost a huge amount.

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As far as flooring is concerned it is up to you what you go for. A stripped wood or laminate floor works well with this look and helps to make the Scandinavian theme really authentic. If you do decide to go with the wooden floor option then try and break up the expanse of bare floor by placing a small rug down. A rug made from a soft sumptuous material will show off the contrast between the floor and the rug in the best way, so something like faux sheepskin is a safe option.

The pieces of furniture you select for the space will also be big factors in creating that perfect look so aim for simple wooden cabinets with plain knobs or handles as well as sofas and arm chairs with exposed wooden legs. You are aiming for clean lines and non-intrusive furniture that blends in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

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Lastly make sure you think about your lighting choices. Lighting is a truly essential aspect of getting a real Scandinavian feel and it is essential that the room is well lit and feels bright and airy. This interior style just doesn’t seem to work if there isn’t enough light to show off its subtle colors, shapes and materials. If you don’t have large windows or simply haven’t got that option of making the room well lit, then invest in some mirrors and put them strategically around the room to help maximize what light there is available to you.

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  1. Jane Ransby Says:

    I am trying to source a pair of Scandinavian style headboards for two single beds. They could be painted or caned. Cany you suggest anyone. Thank you. Jane Ransby

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