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How to Hang Curtains

curtains how to tips adviceCurtains can enhance a room, as well as a bare window. It may seem like a big job especially since curtains are such a main focus of a room now. But with the proper directions and the proper items, it can be an easy and pleasing job to do yourself.

Items Needed:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Curtain Rod
  • Brackets and screws
  • Curtains
  • Step Ladder
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • An assistant


  1. Decide on where exactly you want the curtains hung and what type of rod you want to use
  2. Purchase curtains that fit your room’s design and make sure they are long enough, you can always hem later. You want curtains that will just hit the floor.
  3. Measure window for the size and length of curtain rod you will need, add in the allowance for the extending of the rod on each side.
  4. Mark the position of the bottom of the brackets on the wall with a pencil
  5. Attach the brackets to the wall. Hold brackets with bottom on the marked line on the wall and using the pencil mark the screw holes on the wall. Drill holes and attach the brackets to the wall.
  6. Hang Rods and attach curtains as necessary to the rod.

Hanging curtains in your room can give your space a whole new feel to it. Curtains soften a room and help give it a feeling of being complete. Never overlook or put off hanging up curtains.

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3 Comments so far to “How to Hang Curtains”
  1. divya Says:

    its important that k.while hanging your curtains you take care whether you want them open or closed always because if you want them half closed then you must have tie ups stitched to give a neat look

  2. moesy Says:

    I have a baseboard heating system below my window. Is it OK to hang curtains over it so they reach the floor or should I hang just to the top of the baseboard?

  3. Trudy Says:

    I have a baseboard heater below my window preventing me from hanging my curtains to the floor. How far away from the heater should the curtains fall?

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