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How To: Install a New Shower Heads

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There are so many new types of shower heads that are out and will soon be out, you will eventually want to change to a new one. Changing your showerhead seems a lot harder than it actually is. It can be done quickly and easily without any help from anyone else. The hardest part will be deciding which type of shower head you want. We can’t help with your choice of showerhead but we can help you with installing it. Here’s how:

Items Needed:

Shower Kit

Pipe Wrench

Teflon Tape


  1. Turn off water main first before you get started on anything.
  2. Remove old shower head – using pipe wrench unscrew old head off the pipe that comes out of the wall. Once you have it off, clean off any old debris or Teflon tape from the threads.
  3. Put new Teflon on pipe – With the old pipe being cleaned, wrap new Teflon tape onto the threaded area of the pipe. The whole threaded area should be wrapped securely and snugly with the tape. This step helps to prevent water leaks
  4. Screw on new showerhead – screw on showerhead tightly with your fingers making sure the threads are connecting correctly. Once showerhead is tightly on, use your pipe wrench to tighten it completely.
  5. Test Run – turn shower on to make sure you don’t have any leaks.

Now you have a new showerhead and you are all ready for a shower using your new fancy showerhead that you installed!

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