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New Advanced Showers From Geberit

geberit bed bath

The new shower floors designed by Geberit might be of interest to anyone having a a new shower put in or a complete bathroom redecoration session.

The company, Geberit says they wanted to combine the usually reliability of their products with the aesthetic needs of even the most well versed design expert. Now their shower trap range consists of six different models: The standard,square, rotondo, trend, classical and fine line models. All of which are made from chrome.

The company also boasts that their new models are even easier to install and are more durable even with heavy use.

g1 bed bathg2 bed bathg3 bed bathg4 bed bath

The design of the shower cap cover has also been improved upon. It now includes a component that filters out impurities so you will be showering in pure, good quality water!

So there you have it you can shower in a sumptuous environment whilst still maintaining the convenience of all the gadgetry of a modern technologically advanced shower system.

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2 Comments so far to “New Advanced Showers From Geberit”
  1. deco Says:

    I was thinking about installing one of these in our main bathroom. All is great except for the kids popping up asking for mummy and daddy! 😉 run and hide if you can!

  2. Nhlanhla Says:

    Now this I can do with.

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