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How To: Make Your Own Lamp

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Lamps can be a beautiful and needed accessory to a room. It can be hard to find the exact lamp style that you have in mind for your room, but you can always make your own. Lamps can be made out of just about anything. Here we’ll walk you through how to make a lamp out of a large glass bottle with a pre-drilled hole.

Items Needed:

Glass Bottle

Lamp Shade

Bottle Lamp Kit(can be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores)


When finding a container or bottle to use as your lamp base, seek out items that already have an opening in the bottom for your chords. Otherwise, you will have to have your wiring coming up through the top or drill your own hole using a power drill and a ceramic cutting drill bit. If you are choosing the pre-drilled bottom, you will need to find a base for the bottle to sit on so that it sits flat with the cord coming out, unless the hole is located on the lower bottom the bottle. If you drill your own hole, have the hole come out of the back bottom of the bottle, this will ensure the lamp sits flush. For aesthetic purposes, always have your wiring going through the bottom.

Bottles can be wine bottles or any bottle that you find that pleases you. First step is to make sure your bottle is completely cleaned out. Ensure that the bottle is completely dry before getting started with creating your lamp.

Once you have your bottle, you can start assembling your lamp. The Lamp kit comes with various size stoppers, choose the stopper that fits the top of your bottle. Each brand of bottle lamp kits come with their own set of instructions. Follow them exactly. To complete, just pull your cord out through the hole in the bottom of your bottle.

Now simply, install your light bulb and attach your lamp shade and you are finished with your own personalized lamp.

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