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How To Store Books the Right Way

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Storing books is a necessary but often somewhat awkward part of organizing your home. In this post there is a list of useful tips on how to store your beloved books to maximum effect and also some handy pointers on where to start!

1- The first thing on the to do list is to select the books you want to display. You don’t have to store every single one of your books on the same shelf, think about putting some in storage in a cupboard or loft space. Also this is a good chance to get rid of any books you no longer want or have already read and enjoyed. Don’t throw them in the trash though, consider donating them to a worthwhile cause as charity shops are always on the look out for public donations of unwanted items.

2- Decide how you want to store your books. vertically or horizontally. It is standard library style to store all books vertically but don’t let that stop you if you’d prefer the aesthetics of the horizontal option.

At this stage also consider whether you want to store them alphabetically, by color, by category or by any another factor.

Its up to you as to how you arrange your books, you can start with the tallest to the right and then work across the shelf to the smaller books or you can combine different sizes, it all depends on whether you would like a clean, organized look or an irregular, miss-matched effect.

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3- If you are suffering from lack of space why not think about putting long shelves around the top of the walls near the ceiling as this will help free up floor space. Experts recommend placing the shelf at least 15″ from the ceiling.

Things to avoid when storing books include:

– Don’t store books in a damp room like a basement as the books will become sodden and may rot over time.

-Don’t let dust build up on your books, dust them regularly and they will stay in peak condition for a lot longer.

-If you have valuable books keep them in a separate cabinet as they could be ruined if someone does not handle them properly.

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2 Comments so far to “How To Store Books the Right Way”
  1. Time Tracker Says:

    An often overlooked design, but agreed – bookcases can often add a really nice touch to a room. I saw a store display a while back where the simulated living room actually had book cases that were categorized by color. really cool to see a strip of red(ish) books followed by orange, yellow, etc.

  2. eknightsbridge Says:

    @Time Tracker & Crea-T-V-T:
    I’m really glad you enjoyed this post and found it useful!
    I agree with both of you that storing books can be difficult to get round. The key is to just have a plan for how you will store them and then work from that.

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