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Foster+Partner’s Put Their Skills To Use In Mauritius

banyan tree corniche bay1 architecture

Love architecture? Then this is a post that you are definitely going to fall head over heels for!

Foster + Partners have gone and done it again with their fantastic new architectural project called the Banyan Tree Corniche Bay which is situated in stunning Mauritius.

What the famous architect Foster wanted to create was a building that blended in seamlessly with the natural environment around it and of course in typical understated style he has achieved usurped himself yet again.

banyan tree corniche bay3 architecture

A look at the Foster+Partner’s website reveals exactly what the beautiful new building looks like and they have this to say about the project:

“The masterplan is for a discreet and environmentally intelligent architecture that blends harmoniously with the lush and extensive landscape. Green fingers of lush vegetation extend down towards the sea, with a series of contemporary buildings inserted amid tropical plantings to create an architecture that at once responds to the contours of the landscape and recedes into the green totality.”

The interior of the building is in a modern slightly colonial style and carries on the theme of using natural materials so it ties in exquisitely with the facade of the building.

banyan tree corniche bay4 architecture

Extra features include sleek plunge pools and a massive deck that lies parallel with the sea at the back and a generous veranda balcony that runs along the front.

banyan tree corniche bay2 architecture

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4 Comments so far to “Foster+Partner’s Put Their Skills To Use In Mauritius”
  1. lumbreras Says:

    That is beautiful place, I love it. :)

  2. dontloseyourhair Says:

    Hi there, really enjoying your style – good to have you in the blogosphere – you aren’t just talkin to yourself!

  3. eknightsbridge Says:

    @dontloseyourhair:Thanks for the compliments I’ll make sure to keep it up!
    @Lumbreras: I am pleased that you can see the beauty in this building too!

  4. tommy Says:

    Beautiful but way out my budget. Recently, we stayed at a self catering villa in Flc en Flac booked via, whom I would recommend thanks to their quick and reliable service. We made a significant savings in comparison to expensive hotels on the island.

    Do not get me wrong all inclusive hotels are fantastic but in the current financial i can not an lots of people cannot afford to pay £1000+ per person per week.

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