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How-to’s of kitchen coloring

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Color is very important as it can totally change the appearance of a room. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, here are some facts, you should conform with, in order to make it livelier and more appealing:

* Consider light and the way it lights up different kitchen areas. It can change the shades of the color, so do not be surprised if the sky blue you chose for the walls suddenly appear grey.

* You can use monochromatic color scheme for more “clean” look. To avoid the “boring” single-color look, use various tones and hues of that color.
* To make your kitchen more dramatic, use complementary color scheme that uses two opposite colors. “Opposite” means that the colors stand opposite to each other on the color wheel.
* Neutral colors go well with every color, so you can paint your kitchen in taupe, tan, ochre, white, cream, and shades of gray with bright color accents to liven it up a bit. Also, pay attention to furniture and flooring colors when you choose the paint for the walls.
* Use the 60-30-10 color scheme, it’s a classic and it always works. 60-30-10 means you should use three colors and numbers represent the percentage of the used colors.The biggest part of 60% belongs to the dominant color (wall color or furniture),  30% is the percentage of the secondary color used – usually it is the joinery and flooring. You can dedicate the last 10% to small decorations, covers, pillows, curtains and other items that will bring individuality to your kitchen.
* If your kitchen is sunny use colder shades, to prevent “overheating” look; if it lacks sun light and warmth use bright warm colors to compensate.
* Decide how you want your kitchen to influence you – studies have shown that various colors have different effects on human behaviour: yellow make people happier, orange stimulates appetite, green has a calming effect, red rаises activity, etc.

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