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How to get your Home to Save you Money

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Around the world people everywhere are feeling the pinch in their pockets.

From America to England and from Australia to Japan everyone wants to know how they can save money without losing out on the comforts they have become accustomed to.

In this post we will be focusing on the home and the simple things you can do to cut back your bills and outgoings.

Follow this helpful advice and at the end of the month you’ll be left with a bit of extra cash to spend out what ever tickles your fancy!

Save 1-2% on your electricity bill by unplugging all of your major electronic appliances when you don’t need them or aren’t using them.

This is a well know piece of advice and you see it in the environmental columns of almost every newspaper. Sure, sometimes these tips are a bit boring and seem uptight but believe me when you see that saved money you won’t think it’s quite so boring!

Brad Stroh, the CEO at recently told Good Housekeeping Magazine “Unplug one fax, one computer monitor, and one TV, and you could save more than $70 a year

– Lovers of beautiful homes, you are going to love this one:

Instead of taking expensive vacations and holidays take part in a house swap instead.

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House swaps are great fun,you get a whole new change of scenery in a whole new town and you get the chance to stay in a beautiful home.

Some people even recommend swapping cars as well that way you won’t have to pay any car hire charges, fantastic!

If you’re interested in house swapping have a browse around the web and find a reputable company to do it with.

– Another useful money saving tip is to switch your oven off five minutes before the food is cooked. The heat in the oven will already be hot enough to cook the food for the remaining time.

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Obviously if you are cooking chicken or any other meat it is important as always to check the meat is cooked!

– Getting to know your next door neighbors could also come in handy.

If you become friends with your neighbors it means you can borrow things for fixing your home like ladders or paint brushes so you won’t have to pay out for them yourself.

– In the home office you can save a lot of money by switching your printer to the default setting.

Unless the document is really important and your handing it round as part of a presentation at work, then you don’t need to use the standard setting.

The default printer setting uses less ink when printing so you’ll find that a print cartridge which is pretty expensive will last a lot longer.

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