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Replacing a Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan how to tips adviceWith all the new ceiling fan models coming out, at some point in your life you will want to replace your ceiling fan. Whether you need to or just want to, replacing your ceiling fan is not hard and only involves minor mechanical skill and basic electrical wiring. You’ll find the hardest part of replacing your fan may actually be picking put out a new one Winking. Here’s a standard How-To for replacing an existing ceiling fan.

Items Needed:

  • Ceiling Fan
  • Ladder (if needed)
  • Screwdriver
  • Mounting Brackets


  1. Turn off power supply for room you are working in at main electrical box.
  2. Remove all light bulbs, light covers and shades from existing fan.
  3. Take down old ceiling fan by removing mounting bolts and disconnecting electrical wires. Don’t discard wire nuts, they can be reused.
  4. Securely, attach mounting bracket to the existing electrical box.
  5. The mounting bracket should have what’s called a “J hook or working hook”, this is used to hang the fan while you are hooking up the wiring. Hang your new fan on your J hook and connect your wiring.
  6. Attaching the wires can be done by a color coding system : white to white, black or blue to black or blue, green or bare copper. The Ground should be already attached to your junction box. Loosen the screw and wrap the ground wire around it and then tighten the screw back to hold the wires in place. You may need to refer to your specific fan model and type for instructions on wiring.
  7. Grab your wire nuts and securely screw on your wire nuts onto the white and black wires (power connectors). Always make sure that all exposed wires are secured with wire nuts.
  8. Gently push all your wiring into your electrical box and attach the fan motor to the mounting bracket with the screws that are provided.
  9. Turn your wall switch and the fan cord to the on position and turn power back on to make sure everything is correctly done.
  10. Turn all power back off and attach the decorative motor cover.
  11. Mount each blade bracket to a fan blade using the supplied washers and screws. Be sure to start all screws before tightening, then tighten each one.
  12. Mount each bracket/blade assembly to the fan motor using the same screw process you did with the fan blades. Securely tighten all screws.
  13. Turn all power back on

You have now easily replaced your ceiling fan. Not too hard a job for even the un-handy of us. Depending on the type of fan you purchase installation may vary slightly. Always read complete installation instructions that come with your specific products.

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  1. chuck Says:

    i am relocating a ceiling fan and i cannot find the mounting bracket.what do i do?

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