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Tips on Switching out Ceiling Fan Blades

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With so many unique and interesting ceiling fan blades out right now, you have probably thought about replacing your whole fan or maybe, just your blades. Yes, it is possible to only replace you blades. This will give your fan a more updated look and give the whole room a new feel. When deciding to switch out your fan blades there are a few things you need to keep in mind. It’s not as simple as just grabbing any blades off the shelf. We, at HDF, have a few tips to help you in find and installing the perfect set of blades for your needs.

  • Blades that are too heavy or wide can slow down the fan and cause wear on your motor.
  • Too thin blades will circulate significantly less air in your room.
  • Contact the manufacturer and find out about optional replacement blades for your exact fan.
  • Blades that are similar in size, shape and weight can be bought right from a home store with no harming effects on your fan.
  • If your replacement blades don’t have pre-drilled holes or the holes don’t match your existing fan, you will need to drill the holes yourself.
    • Use bracket as a template and mark your blades correctly
    • Line up all blades in a stack and drill them as a set. You want to make sure the holes are in the exact same place on each blade. Even the slightest bit off on the hole can cause the fan to be off balance.
  • Contact manufacturer and find out how much weight your motor can stand up to. This will let you know the weight limitations when choosing blades.

When replacing fan blades, it’s always a good idea to learn all you can about your existing fan. You fan’s weight limitations, and the ideal size of fan blades will give you a place to start when looking for some of the updated fan blades.

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